The initiative of PERAMI establishment began in 2002; when the current PDSRI chairman requested educational institution to create radiology subspecialties to improve the quality of radiologists. At that time, the active subspecialties were pediatric radiology, radiotherapy, nuclear medicine and interventional radiology.

Dr. Iwan Ekayuda, Sp.Rad then invited group of musculoskeletal division at Radiology Department from Cipto Mangunkusumo National General Hospital – Faculty of Medicine Universitas Indonesia, which consisted of dr. Bambang Budyatmoko, Sp.Rad, dr. Kahar Kusumawijaya, Sp.Rad and dr. Nyimas Diana Yulisa, Sp.Rad, to begin the formation of musculoskeletal radiology division. Because of its national level, every radiology educational institutions in Indonesia were required to send their representatives. The first meeting was attended by representatives form radiology educational institutions which consisted of:

  1. dr. Iwan Ekayuda, Sp.Rad
  2. dr. Bambang Budyatmoko, Sp.Rad
  3. dr. Kahar Kusumawijaya, Sp.Rad
  4. dr. Nyimas Diana Yulisa, Sp.Rad
  5. dr. Bobby Akbar, Sp.Rad
  6. dr. Chunadi Ermanta, Sp.Rad

At the first meeting, the association name was agreed to be PERAMI, on the proposal from dr. Bambang Budyatmoko, Sp.Rad. It was decided that the chairman was dr. Bambang Budyatmoko, Sp.Rad and the general secretary was dr. Nyimas Diana Yulisa, Sp.Rad. The first task was to make AD/ART and collect the name of teaching staffs at educational institution that engaged in musculoskeletal field to be named consultants, which were:

  1. dr. Iwan Ekayuda, Sp.Rad
  2. dr. Bambang Budyatmoko, Sp.Rad who chose to be musculoskeletal consultant and discard his pediatric consultant
  3. dr. Kahar Kusumawijaya, Sp.Rad who later chose to become nuclear medicine and PETRAKOSIA consultant
  4. dr. Nyimas Diana Yulisa, Sp.Rad
  5. Prof. Dr. dr. M. Ilyas, Sp.Rad
  6. dr. FX Hartono, Sp.Rad
  7. dr. Arif Iskandar, Sp.Rad, who later chose to become thorax radiology consultant
  8. dr. Atta Kuntara, Sp.Rad
  9. dr. Paulus Rahardjo, Sp.Rad

At the first meeting, the organization logo was also made on the proposal from dr. Atta Kuntara, Sp.Rad.

Later, dr. Nursanti, Sp.Rad and dr. Undang Ruhimat, Sp.Rad were appointed as musculoskeletal radiology consultant.

In 2012, fellowship education was officially established, with dr. Paulus Rahardjo, Sp.Rad as coordinator. Until now, there are 2 generations that have graduated.

In scientific field, until 2017, PERAMI has hosted AMS 3 times and ISS-ROP 4 times. At national level, PERAMI has hosted 5 annual scientific meetings; some basic and advanced USG and MRI workshops; MR in sport medicine and routine agenda twice a year of National Outreach Program for radiology residents at each educational institution since 2014. Now, this program is nearly complete and the only remaining is Undip’s, Unibraw’s and Udayana University’s residents.

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